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thank for make game. much cool, very high wow factor :3

So far the game is enjoyable, but sometimes while playing with a gamepad, it will switch back to the desktop while the game keeps running or bring up an on-screen keyboard.  Is there some way to disable that in Windows 10?

Is there a way we could get acces to the soundtrack?


Not yet... but no worries, Nussoft are planning to release a soundtrack


Can versus mode be played locally? And if so, split-screen?

Yes, you can play local split-screen with 1v1 and 2v2. 

This looks brilliant, any chance of a Linux version? :D

I have not experimented on Linux yet. Even if it comes out, it will be after the full release.

No worries, if/when it happens do reach out to me here:

Wow this was my first question too haha
Native linux release would make this one cool game

If not it'll probably run well in wine anyway, but native always preferred

will dis be reliset on steam aswell?

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Yes, we will provide cd keys after steam release.
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Does that mean, if we buy the game here, we will also get steam keys later?

I just wanted to make sure I understood it properly.

Plz tell me there's plans for multiplayer and that all the game's music will be like that

it is MP, 1v1 or 2v2.


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