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Haven't gotten to know the game yet, will pick it up later. Is there any chance of a VR version happening?

The VR version will come someday.

Played the tutorial and dropped it like a bad habit.  The controls are way too awkward and clumsy.  I thought this would be the greatest game ever, and it turned out to be a serious disappointment.

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Love the game!!!

By the way, could it possible to add something like a 'European giant lobster,' or a 'giant Maine lobster?'

Because the big lobsters get to grow over 9 kg, but the lobster in the game seems too juvenile.

Was hoping there was a giant one, that could be matched in the claw size of the Tasmanian giant crab.

Currently there are only a few boss crabs, so we will consider  giant enemies battle.

Can you add Linux support?


This game is in early access now, and doesn't support multiple platforms.
I will consider it when this game is completed.

Cool. I'll definitely buy it if there's a Linux port.

why does this exist XD


More importantly, why didn't this exist sooner.

good point haha!

How come we don't get the other power the tasmanian giant has?

Excellent gaem, thank you!

Norton found a trojan virus called SONAR.ProcHijack!g45

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ProcHijack!g45 is a heuristic detection name in Norton and does not mean finding a virus. The only reason Norton works is that the game is not used by many users. SONER always deletes a new executable file. You should disable SONER on the game folder. 

And please post comments in reply.

It work, thank you

theres a trojen vires on the new update

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The game is built by a cloud service, so I don't think there is a virus.  I also scanned files with Norton and found nothing. Give me more information.


I can't load Fightcrab Version 0.3.5, What do i do

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The file certainly exists. I suspect an error while downloading. You can easily install by using the App.

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Will be nice to have some crab dismemberment in there and BGM selection for stages in a future :D , great game cheers up!!!

EDIT: Also crabs can regenerate his arms like Piccolo, must have it xD

Ugh. Game is not recognizing my wireless Xbox 360 pad. Are there keyboard bindings for this game? I can make an Xpadder profile if there are keyboard bindings.

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It is not possible to control only with a keyboard.
The right hand of crab is mouse operation.

I found solution with wireless adapter on Windows 7.

Thank you for taking the time to help me! :)

I absolutely love everything about this game and was wondering when it will be released on Nintendo Switch?


Can you rename this to Crab Battle?

...because Fight Crab sounds like Fight Club, which is actually funny? smh

Good play


Number 1 rule of fight crab : never talk about fight crab

Hey, that's right. In Japanese with katakana, crab will really sound like club. But the Japanese title is different, Kani no Kenka (Crab Fight). I guess the English one in katakana would be too ambiguous until you see the picture.

ok good to know i guess

NUMBER 2 rule of fight crab: dont jion fight crab


Help. I cannot figure out how to join my friend's private co-op game. we both have added each other's user ID, but I cannot find his room.

Open 'Users' by pressing Y(△) and select your friend.

Do I do that after he has made a room or while I have a room open? Also, I noticed an option that was unusable above the "unfollow" option.


If your friend made a room, you should open 'Users' and join the room.
I am sorry that the current version may display 'Join the room' in Japanese.

My friend and I are trying to join each other's room but the option is grayed out. Any advice?

Deleted post

Since server regions were divided, I integrated them one. please try again.

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wow!, great game so far, do have some things I wanted to point out though. We need a tutorial on how to use double handed weapons, I just couldn't figure out how to swing that Excalibur with success. Also do all the crabs have a special hyper mode? If so, I couldn't figure out how to use it,

(EX. King crab's hyper gives him a laser to shoot at its enemy)

I understand how difficult to use double handed weapons.
So a tutorial may be prepared.
King crab's laser is explained in the tutorial-7.

yea whoops, my mistake about the laser, but I do hope that tutorial comes out soon, thanks!

Yeah I can't figure out how to use the big weapons like Halbred.

Why japanese people are so creative? This game looks pretty! Congratulations!

Does this game REALLY need 8gb of RAM? Ace of Seafood only really needed like 1gb, and that had lots of lasers everywhere

Perhaps this game uses about 1GB of memory. 
8GB is system RAM size.


Just bought this game and it's equal parts challenging, hilarious, and outright fun. Found out about it last night, bought today and played for hours. 

I eagerly await the potential steam release mostly for practical reasons, ease of bussing my save between two computers being the primary one


Pls support to make this official Esport game

I found a bug. If you have 2 crabs and sell 1, when you join a level (with your partner crab) the game glitches, and when i go back to main menu i have the same crab as my partner's equipped crab.

Thank you, I will make partner crab nonsalable.

when will it be out on steam

I haven't decided yet.


thank for make game. much cool, very high wow factor :3

So far the game is enjoyable, but sometimes while playing with a gamepad, it will switch back to the desktop while the game keeps running or bring up an on-screen keyboard.  Is there some way to disable that in Windows 10?

Is there a way we could get acces to the soundtrack?


Not yet... but no worries, Nussoft are planning to release a soundtrack


Can versus mode be played locally? And if so, split-screen?

Yes, you can play local split-screen with 1v1 and 2v2. 

This looks brilliant, any chance of a Linux version? :D

I have not experimented on Linux yet. Even if it comes out, it will be after the full release.

No worries, if/when it happens do reach out to me here:

Wow this was my first question too haha
Native linux release would make this one cool game

If not it'll probably run well in wine anyway, but native always preferred

will dis be reliset on steam aswell?

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Yes, we will provide cd keys after steam release.
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Does that mean, if we buy the game here, we will also get steam keys later?

I just wanted to make sure I understood it properly.

Plz tell me there's plans for multiplayer and that all the game's music will be like that

it is MP, 1v1 or 2v2.