Version 0.3.0 released!!

Note: You can no longer network play with the previous Ver.0.2.x.

・Added a random stage selection in Versus Mode.

・In a four-player match, if a play is disconnected from the match, that player is regarded as a knockout and the battle continues with all remaining players.

・When equipped with a two handed weapon, punching attacks are now registered as hitting from both arms, and the consumption of stamina when defending is reduced.

・Two-handed weapons are less likely to get stuck in the ground.

・Slightly changed the handle position of the Great Hammer.

・Increased Revolver firing speed, and lowered the time needed to reload.

・Arm stamina is now consumed when firing projectiles.

・When riding a seal, dashes consume arm stamina.

・Striking with the blunt edge of a Katana now deals less damage than the sharp end of the blade.

・Continuous firing of the Kanihameha now consumes arm stamina.

・Improved the mobility of the Elbow Crab.

※これまでのVer0.2.x とはネットワークプレイできません












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